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    Conor McQueen commented  · 

    Also, you need surface mapping satellite modules in a sphere of influence in order to actually see the surface beyond a certain distance, and therefore know where different resources are. Planet surfaces never resolve outside of the view distance without a probe in orbit around the planet.

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    Conor McQueen commented  · 

    Any launch facilities on other planets require 3 gps satellites in orbit as well as landing whatever modules cannot be constructed from available resources. Fuel must be landed there if it cannot be made there. New crew must be landed to continue operation if not colonized (in hardcore mode). Also, terraforming made available but takes a long long time to put planets into habitable ranges where reapplies to colonies are no longer needed. Atmospheres can be designated in percentages of a few gasses and specific changes must be made using different kinds of terraforming modules. Planets with water can put oxygen into the atmosphere while using hydrogen for fuel? Co2 as ice or gas can be converted into o2 and carbon. These converters can fill tanks or release into the atmosphere

    This is a lot but any level of this would add a lot of replayability to the game. On Reddit people are making up their own scenarios for why they need to dock or reach other planets. Don't make us play makebelieve. An open no rules sandbox is only fun for so long before there's no point or reward anymore. Thanks so much for an awesome game though!!!!

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    Conor McQueen commented  · 

    It would be great to be able to create space stations in orbit and on the surface. Also give us a reason to land in particular places on a planet/moon. Give us a reason to need to use the moon as a base for other operations. Let us craft certain things on specific bodies based on the available resources available there. Like survival mode on mine craft. You start from earth and everything to be done on other bodies must be done by utilizing resources and crafting. Earth only has resources to build chemical rockets, but we can establish mining on other bodies and bring back resources (eventually unlock automated mining?)

    Give us a REASON to get to other places, to establish space stations in orbit and on the surface of other bodies.

    Add special navigation/landing abilities with the addition of gps satellite modules in a particular sphere of influence? No manual landing needed when 3 gps satellites are in orbit?

    Hardcore mode: crew lifespan limits? Colonization allowing for new crew to be generated on other planets/moons, requiring large amounts of work in he form of rare fuels and many different modules landed on a body to support life. Hyper sleep modules for endgame?

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