I suggest you ...

An A.I overhaul

Its just like this:

Squadron Member A.I
-They will protect you
-You can command them into formations
-You can command them to fire at will

Bomber A.I
-They will target the bridges or any destructible terrain (if you guys add more)
-Working tail gunner turret A.(pls add a variety of tail gunner parts in the gizmos section or something)

Torpedo Bomber A.I
-Same as bombers but they go for the ships
-Also make the ships flak fire at them

Escort A.I
-Add a selection menu of which plane they will escort
-They will shoot you if you get too close (like 1 mile)

Autopilot A.I
-Add a minimap that you can select waypoints that the autopilot follows.

Cruising A.I
-Planes that fly perfectly straight (pls make them adapt to the plane)

New Aggressive A.I
-A new one that targets other planes and you

Not related,but can you make things with car engines as ground targets, that will be great.
And also bigger caliber guns. Thats all.

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  • Doom3453 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The gunner A.I is a great idea, but maybe you should have it just will shoot whatever weapon that you have given permission for it to use. Like an A.I with guns or missiles. Another idea is a tracker A.I that you can use to make custom missiles that are guided and a custom range, but the ideas you have stated are cool as well.

  • Anoni Mosu commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Bombing AI will be difficult to make.
    Overall we just need a better AI that don't crash into the ocean, don't fly upside down and doesn't do random loops for no reason.

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